Articulation IV: R, S, L, Th

475 new words for Articulation therapy!

Articulation IV: R, S, L, Th

Four of the most common articulation targets in the Initial, Medial, and Final positions and in Consonant Clusters.

New vocabulary includes words not commonly found in yesterday’s word lists but necessary for today's classroom success: compost, awesome, e-mail address, LOL, USB port, browser, search engine, server, etc.

Sort the words by target sound and position and by curriculum area. Groups include: Computer-related words, Measurement words, and School-related words.

Target Audience: Appropriate for ages 5–Adult for Articulation, Dialect Reduction, Apraxia, and Dysarthria.


Articulation IV: R, S, L, Th

by LocuTour Multimedia

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Articulation IV: R, S, L, Th (Windows)

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