Read articles by Marna Scarry-Larkin, MA, CCC-SLP.

Learn to Detect Children’s Language Problems
This article describes typical speech and language acquisition from infancy to high school. Parents can use this article to evaluate their child’s speech and determine whether their child has speech or language problems that would warrant professional evaluation. (pdf)

Setting the Climate for Learning
An introduction to using the computer for therapy. (pdf)

How We Developed the Software
A brief look at the history of the development and the cognitive and language theories behind our software. (pdf)

Excerpt from the Phonemic Awareness Manual
The Phonemic Awareness CD provides auditory processing tasks that develop the foundation for accurate phonemic processing and awareness at the sound, syllable, and multi-syllable levels. (pdf)

Word Finding: Why Work on Naming?
The treatment of naming difficulties is usually undertaken because an inability to name items affects fluency in conversational speech. “What is it?”  with the corresponding rote phrase, “It’s a ____”, is a common prompt in Aphasia therapy. The LocuTour software uses this as a standard prompt, but there are options for recording your own effective cueing strategies on most of the programs. (pdf)