Speech Sounds Bundle

Speech Sounds


This bundle has colorful and engaging pictures and drawings for articulation therapy. Word Practice has youthful drawings for early language learners. Artic Practice has 536 colorful drawings to hold children’s interest as they practice consonants in the Initial, Medial, and Final positions and Consonant Clusters. Articulation IV has 475 photos that appeal to older students who are having trouble with R, S, L, and Th sounds. And IPA for SLPs has videos and graphics that teach the 43 English speech sounds that are used in Learning Fundamentals apps.

Phonology Bundle


Three apps for remediating unintelligible speech.

Phonology provides speech therapy for children with unintelligible speech! Minimal Pairs is an auditory discrimination activity that helps children discriminate between words that differ in pronunciation by one sound. Practice saying the target sounds with Phonology MatchUps!.

Details Bundle

Reading for Details

Three apps with stories for reading practice.

This bundle includes three apps for reading; start with Early Reading, progress to Reading for Details I for 1st-3rd grade reading level, and finish with Reading for Details II for 4th-6th grade reading level.