IPA for SLPs

Learn the IPA symbols used in English.

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Videos and graphics teach the 43 English speech sounds that are used in Learning Fundamentals apps. After the sounds are mastered, a practice mode allows you to test your memory for instant recall. This is a great way for students to learn the different spellings that make up English sounds. It can also be used to learn the International Phonetic Alphabet and become adept at recognizing the symbols.

In the learning mode the student becomes familiar with the IPA symbols and their corresponding speech sounds, their LocuTour spelling, and alternate spellings.

The video mode is most useful when first learning the speech sound, particularly if the target sound is not contained in the learner’s native language (like ”th”) or is a frequently mispronounced sound (like “r”). Videos can be referred to anywhere along the learning curve, from first exposure to imitative practice.

Once the student is familiar with the sounds, use the Settings button to switch to the practice mode. In this mode, the student listens to a target sound and picks a the IPA symbol out of a field of IPA symbols.

Target Audience: Appropriate for SLPs learning the IPA symbols. The videos can also be used to teach the mouth movements to make the sounds in English.

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Information for Professionals:

This app is based on the Read My Lips game from LocuTour’s Literacy: Phonemic Awareness CD.

Rationale: The goal of this app is to train the user to quickly identify the IPA symbols used in English.

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