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1. Tediously lengthy.
2. Tending to use large or obscure words, which few understand.
[Source: Wiktionary]

tediously prolonged or tending to speak or write at great length
[Source: WordNet]

The trial judge erred in allowing Crown counsel's cross-examination, which was prolix and insulting and deprived the appellant of a fair trial... Link

His prolix apologies for not doing all the right things are more plaintive than whiny. Link

In its popular use, the adjective "rhetorical" has become a slur, conveying images of bombast and bloatedness. We are apt to associate it with the prolix statements of policy makers and the aureate pomposity of evangelists. Link

Stephen Jay Gould’s “The Structure of Evolutionary Theory”, which came in at nearly 1,500 pages. … Gould’s prolix prose was rich with the promise of paradigms shattered and lost, Link

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