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Favorite Word from Adjectives


K OW1 JH AH0 N T  :  /'koʊdʒn̩t/

Reasonable and convincing; based on evidence. Appealing to the intellect or powers of reasoning. Forcefully persuasive.
[Source: Wiktionary]

having the power to influence or convince
powerfully persuasive
[Source: WordNet]

This is an obvious case of senility that doesn't require picking apart as if it was some sort of cogent or meaningful statement. Link

James Fallows, normally a cogent and insightful journalist, takes leave of his senses for the cover story of June's Atlantic magazine... Link

Ms. Dwan "did not support her claim for monetary relief with any cogent argument or citation to legal authority." Link

Judge David O Carter dismissed the suit in October and commented that plaintiffs’ lawyer seemed to produce hype by stirring sentiments and emotions which are backed by prejudice and such arguments lack cogent reasoning to support the plaint. Link

The time lag for flight crew to come on PA with some reasonably cogent story sometimes also doesn't help. Link

I emphasise that you don't have to agree with any of Jerry's conclusions, ... Nor need you think that his arguments were cogent, even though I more or less do... Link

Like I say, I have a reputation for sharp invective; but I don’t think I can match Swift’s peerless artistic talents and cogent pithiness. Link

When you put a cogent and trenchant argument against the government’s economic policy, nobody would call you “intolerant” of the Tories. Link

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